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Unexpected Twist: Will ANDREW YANG'S Freedom Dividend (Universal Basic Income, UBI) actually DETER mass immigration of people from shithole countries into USA?

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Many on the alt-right have interpreted Yang's call for universal basic income as a way to re-instate ethnic segregation. In a post on Griffin’s blog, he wrote that Yang’s universal basic income proposal would create a world “in which mixed race people would have the money to settle in Brazil. Blacks would have the money to settle in Africa or the Caribbean. Europeans could return to Europe.”

For many nationalists, Yang’s ethnicity is a non-issue. Picciolini, the former white supremacist, said “If you look at their views of white supremacy, they hold Asians in very, very high regard because of their exclusive culture,” adding that “They believe that Asian culture has it right.”

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No, it will have LITTLE effects on mass immigration (71.43%) 5 / 7
71.43% Complete (success)
No, it will ENCOURAGE mass immigration instead (28.57%) 2 / 7
28.57% Complete (success)

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