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No 5 How important is making usge of STEEM easy to encourage businesses to accept STEEM?

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The SOS-forums serve extremely well in collecting knowledge and creating ideas. But what comes next? How to come from ideation to action?

This poll helps identify impactful and feasible actions. It is no 5 in a series of 7. By answering these polls you help building a community strategy for Steem. For the background please check out this post.

Where would you put “making usage easy” in this matrix?

Portfolio making usage easy.png

After answering, please continue with this poll.

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E medium feasibility / medium impact (37.5%) 3 / 8
37.5% Complete (success)
A low feasibility / high impact (25.0%) 2 / 8
25.0% Complete (success)
C high feasibility / high impact (25.0%) 2 / 8
25.0% Complete (success)
B medium feasibility / high impact (12.5%) 1 / 8
12.5% Complete (success)

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