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Unless you've been living under a rock, you have almost certainly come across the flurry of tokens and tribes (and created by @aggroed, @yabapmatt & @harpagon.

If you haven't, go check it out NOW... depending on how active you've been on Steemit over the last ~2 months or so, you'll likely have a ton of airdropped tokens... wooohoo.

@PlayDice is obviously very active, andI (@BraaiBoy) have even bought a few extra tokens for the @PlayDice account. Why? Well... most (if not all) tribes are giving away their tokens to Steemians that use their hashtags, and @PlayDice is now generating extra PAL, LASSE, GG & NEOXAG tokens... and like with STEEM, the majority of these rewards belong to YOU... the players that play/upvote the @PlayDice games!

You Get Tokens - Oprah Meme.jpg

BUT... there's a catch (actually 2): 1 - @BraaiBoy is a "retired programmer" and as such is a little (ok a lot) rusty, and doesn't really know how to programatically determine who holds a particular token and has played a game. 2 - @Braaiboy is undecided on how to distribute these extra free tokens that are being generated.

So... The Question is This: HOW SHOULD @PlayDice distribute these generated tokens?

P.S. Please ReSteem and tag your NodeJS programmer friends and WIN BRAAIBs (@BraaiBoy's own token)

Follow @BraaiBoy and keep an eye on this token's development. BRAAIBs have REAL WORLD VALUE - i.e. They will be accepted at all his Bistros as payment for his food & beer!!! SCORE!!!

Or please at least weigh in on how he should distribute @PlayDice tokens.

If you are a NodeJS programmer, please get in touch with @BraaiBoy#4913 on discord or leave your discord username in the comments below.

Lastly: do you know of any tokens/tribes that @PlayDice hasn't joined/staked yet? Please comment on the @IncuBot Steemit post if you do.

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ALL WINNING players share tokens evenly (54.55%) 24 / 44
54.55% Complete (success)
ALL players share these tokens evenly (25.0%) 11 / 44
25.0% Complete (success)
All winning players share tokens according to their upvote weight (13.64%) 6 / 44
13.64% Complete (success)
@BraaiBoy should cash in these tokens and buy himself a lambo one day :P (6.82%) 3 / 44
6.82% Complete (success)

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