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Pre-Voting for Miss February week 9 - Win SPI for voting

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Hello my dear Steemians,

exciting times with the new communities that have started yesterday. We have already established our brand new Model-Agency Community and we would invite all of you to subscribe to it. Please find it here . It is already time for our regular weekly pre-voting. It is the last round for the Finals for Miss February and we have eight wonderful models selected across the whole blockchain. Please give your vote to your vavourites:

@samaantha original Post

@soyandreavela original Post

@kamile original Post

@pandaan original Post

@sanjubaba420 original Post

@soldier original Post

@lissi original Post

The winning model will get 50 Phototoken staked as a prize as well as the chance to get Miss February 2020 by entering the final contest together with the winning models form weeks 6, 7 and 8. If you enjoy the contest please upvote and resteem.

If you are a model and interested to participate in the next round, add a comment to the post you would participate with "agree to participate in the contest of @instagram-models". Join our new Community Model-Agency hive-151070 .

Have a nice weekend! Your instagram-models

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sanjubaba420 (25.93%) 7 / 27
25.93% Complete (success)
lissi (22.22%) 6 / 27
22.22% Complete (success)
kamile (18.52%) 5 / 27
18.52% Complete (success)
ely.ray (11.11%) 3 / 27
11.11% Complete (success)
soyandreavela (11.11%) 3 / 27
11.11% Complete (success)
soldier (7.41%) 2 / 27
7.41% Complete (success)
samaantha (3.7%) 1 / 27
3.7% Complete (success)

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