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Pre-Voting for Miss November week 47

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Hello my dear Steemians,

it is time for the final pre-voting round (#No 4) for Miss November. Again eight wonderful models have been choosen out of the steem universe and compete for the title of Miss November. So lets start

@publicumaurora original Post

@charline.cherie original Post

@cellxne original Post

@nosibe original Post

@pkumar1982 original Post

@sina.zadra original Post

@elenaamendola original Post

@ulianaroose original Post

The winning model will get 50 Phototoken staked as a prize as well as the chance to get Miss November by entering the final contest together with the winning models form weeks 44, 45 and 46. If you enjoy the contest please upvote and resteem. If you are a model and interested to participate in the next round, drop me an comment with the link of your post included.

Your Instagram-models

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sina.zadra (21.74%) 5 / 23
21.74% Complete (success)
charline.cherie (17.39%) 4 / 23
17.39% Complete (success)
pkumar1982 (17.39%) 4 / 23
17.39% Complete (success)
elenaamendola (17.39%) 4 / 23
17.39% Complete (success)
publicumaurora (13.04%) 3 / 23
13.04% Complete (success)
nosibe (8.7%) 2 / 23
8.7% Complete (success)
ulianaroose (4.35%) 1 / 23
4.35% Complete (success)

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