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STEEM Model of the Week #12- vote and win 3 SBI

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Hello dear steemians,

It is Friday again and this week was even more challenging in terms of the bis crash due to the CoV-19 situation! So again, try to have some fun and go for the next weekly contest. We again have 8 wonderful models competing for prices and a ticket to get into the Model of the month contest. Rules are as outlined in the last contest.

Winner of the weekly Contest will get 20 APPICS Tokens staked.

The winner of the weekly Contest will participate in the STEEM Model of the Month Contest at the end of the Month.

Also one lucky winner from our loyal community will be drawn to receive 3 Steem Basic Income Tokens.

1 Winner random drawn from all Votes will get 3 SBI

We are open for applications and suggestions from the community which models should participate. Every unique model account can participate one time every month. So lets start with this weeks Contest!

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@gabrielyrrl original Post

@jackelinlopez original Post

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@soldier original Post

The winning model will get 20 APPICS Token staked as a prize as well as the chance to get Miss March 2020 by entering the Model of the Month contest. If you enjoy the contest please upvote and resteem. If you are a model and interested to participate in the next round, add a comment to the post you would participate with "agree to participate in the contest of @instagram-models". Join our new Community Model-Agency hive-151070 .The easiest way to do so is visiting https://steempeak.com/c/hive-151070/created and click on subscribe. Hope to see you there. One last note: If it the APPICS Team considers an account FAKE this will result in disqualification and no prices will be distributed. Have a nice weekend! Your instagram-models

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@inaktz (18.75%) 6 / 32
18.75% Complete (success)
@agent (15.62%) 5 / 32
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@soldier (15.62%) 5 / 32
15.62% Complete (success)
@nekanu (12.5%) 4 / 32
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@franziska.frei (12.5%) 4 / 32
12.5% Complete (success)
@inspektormary (12.5%) 4 / 32
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@gabrielyrrl] (6.25%) 2 / 32
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@jackelinlopez (6.25%) 2 / 32
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