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dpolldev: What feature should be implement in dpoll next?

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meat-1030729_1280.jpg Dpoll offers its user hereby a chance to participate in the development of the dapp.We want to know, what next feature do you want to see implemented.What should be our next big thing?

  • Stake weighted voting

  • Multiple choice voting

stake weighted voting

This feature would bring the impact of every users steem power to dpoll.Make a poll with this option and dpoll will add every users SP to the choice he made.Choice of a whale would count more compared to that of a minnow.

multiple choice voting

Sometimes, or even more often as I have heard these days, providing only one choosable answer for a dpoll doesn't reflect most questions to be asked here anymore. Users want to have the opportunity to select more than just one answer.This feature would allow them to pick one or more choices at the same time for a dpoll

So, what next feature should we implement? (yes, this dpoll is neither stake weighted, nor multiple choice:))

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Multiple Choice Voting (76.47%) 13 / 17
76.47% Complete (success)
Stake Weighted Voting (23.53%) 4 / 17
23.53% Complete (success)

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