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Which DTIYS Contest 02 Entries You Like Best?

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Draw This In Your Style Contest 02is now closed. Thank you for the participants who submitted their entries and to you guys who supported this contest. It is now time to choose the winners. You may select the entries you like best. Multiple selection is allowed.

Here are the entries : 86873e444f574fb9b44165d17357e8e0.png @allyson19

sketch1595693705957.png @boley

69a4f19152db4772ada483584c30b874.png @dinglehopper sketch1595842135421.png @hubyr sketch1595857708321.png @shookt sketch1595859800527.png @london65

Draw This In Your Style is a fun activity anyone can explore and participate in. No matter what level of drawing skills you got, you can definitely join and share your drawings here. What is important is, we celebrate our own individual styles. This is also an opportunity to develop or learn about our own drawing style.

If you have questions or suggestions let me know in the comments. If you want to support and keep this contest active feel free to give it a like or send your donations for the prizes.

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@boley (24.19%) 15 / 62
24.19% Complete (success)
@shookt (17.74%) 11 / 62
17.74% Complete (success)
@allyson19 (16.13%) 10 / 62
16.13% Complete (success)
@london65 (16.13%) 10 / 62
16.13% Complete (success)
@dinglehopper (14.52%) 9 / 62
14.52% Complete (success)
@hubyr (11.29%) 7 / 62
11.29% Complete (success)

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