Where Do You Want STEEMFest 4 To Be Located?

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Where Do You Want @STEEMFest 4 To Be Located?

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Good Afternoon STEEM folks! Today I would like to make my first post utilizing DPoll, a polling application on the STEEM blockchain.

@roelandp is the organizer of the annual @steemfest extravaganza. I'm sure he already has an idea of where the fourth @steemfest will be located, but this will be a poll to see what the STEEM users want.

Past @steemfest locations: - Steemfest 1 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Steemfest 2 - Lisbon, Portugal - Steemfest 3 - Kraków, Poland

Where do you want @steemfest 4 to be located?

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Asia (please specify country/city) (46.15%) 12 / 26
46.15% Complete (success)
Europe (please specify country/city) (23.08%) 6 / 26
23.08% Complete (success)
North America (please specify country/city) (15.38%) 4 / 26
15.38% Complete (success)
South/Central America (please specify country/city) (7.69%) 2 / 26
7.69% Complete (success)
Africa (please specify country/city) (3.85%) 1 / 26
3.85% Complete (success)
Oceania (please specify country/city) (3.85%) 1 / 26
3.85% Complete (success)

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