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Has the monetary incentive weakened community interaction on STEEM?

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Interaction is the basis of human relationships, which is why it is so important to build a community. How can you build a community? If no one knows what the other thinks, if no one speaks out, etc.

In online communities interaction is also very important, what fuels them is each individual talking about their beliefs, sharing their hobbies and concerns. This way groups, communities, or tribes are formed, whatever you want to call them, people who share certain ideas and do great things together.

In that sense, do you think that the monetary incentive present in STEEM has negatively affected the interaction in the platform?

Think about it, if you are not going to be paid anything for your opinion, you may think "It doesn't matter what I'm going to say", but here people can feel indirectly forced to say what is "politically correct".

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