Do You Use Privacy For Your Online Credit Card Purchases?

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Privacy lets you create free cards that can be used for online purchases. It lets you set limits on them such as making it one use or limiting the amount you can spend with it. You also will get $5 free to spend with when you sign up using my link.

I usually use it on scetchy websites that I don't want to have my actual card so they cannot drain my bank account. I'll just create a card that has a one use limit with only $10 that can be spent.

Do you guys use Privacy?

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No, and I probably won't start using it (42.86%) 3 / 7
42.86% Complete (success)
Yes I do use for online purchases, but only for sketchy websites that I don't trust (14.29%) 1 / 7
14.29% Complete (success)
No, but I might use to keep my money/cards safe (14.29%) 1 / 7
14.29% Complete (success)
No, I only use crypto for online purchases (14.29%) 1 / 7
14.29% Complete (success)
No, I don't make online purchases (14.29%) 1 / 7
14.29% Complete (success)

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