How Do You Think Tribe Token Payouts Should Work?

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After 7 days, a Steem post pays out the reward to the curators and the author. The author will get 50% Steem Power and 50% liquid Steem (If they do not have "power up 100%" on). Do you think that tribe tokens should work the same way where 50% of the payout is staked tokens and 50% is tokens that can instantly be traded on Steem Engine? Some tribes already do this such as the Neoxian tribe. At the moment, Neoxian token payouts give 50% liquid Neoxag and 50% Neoxag Power.

I would like to see what everyone thinks about this. Personally, I wouldn't mind either way because I almost always power up all the tribe tokens I get anyways.

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Tribes should reward posts with 50% staked tokens and 50% liquid. (53.33%) 8 / 15
53.33% Complete (success)
It should be different depending on the tribe. (46.67%) 7 / 15
46.67% Complete (success)

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