Where should the 200k HIVE from HBDpotato go? VOTE!

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There is exactly 191 292 HIVE or aprox. 42000 USD currently in the @hbdpotato account that are being put back under community control.

Voting will be weighed for Hive Power but to give smaller accounts more say in the matter, the effective HP will be capped at 100k HP meaning that anyone above 100k HP will be counted as having 100k.

This poll will only run for 7 days and will not have as high potential reach compared to a proposal so to avoid 1-2 whales making the decision, effectively centralizing the decision making in this case, which completely kills the purpose of returning funds to the community, there will be a cap in place. Those with "skin in the game" still have most of the say.

All votes will be counted.

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Burn it! (53.52%) 38 / 71
53.52% Complete (success)
Use it for marketing! (33.8%) 24 / 71
33.8% Complete (success)
Send it to the DHF! (11.27%) 8 / 71
11.27% Complete (success)
Keep it where it is and keep the HBDpotato bot running! (1.41%) 1 / 71
1.41% Complete (success)

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