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What's the best time for a Rabona Live streams on Sundays? (CET)

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Since we're already in Season 5 of of the Open Beta of Rabona Soccer manager, we could now start to build the community. I'm thinking of a 2.5Hours live show and it should be Sunday at best.

Contents should be: - Live Player scouting - Review the running and just concluded seasons - Knowledge transfer

Feel free to leave some Feedback!

ps. We might do some Trick or Treat game this Week (01.Nov), will be fun!

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17:30pm - 20:00pm (CET) (64.29%) 9 / 14
64.29% Complete (success)
14:30pm - 17:00pm (CET) (14.29%) 2 / 14
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16:30pm - 19:00pm (CET) (14.29%) 2 / 14
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15:30pm - 18:00pm (CET) (7.14%) 1 / 14
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