Easy poll self votes bad or good ?

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Hello, today poll ask a new question are self votes bad ? in the title i said easy poll but this isn't a easy poll since there is 3 things that can happen, selfvoting a long post (+100 words), selfvoting a comment, selfvoting a short post (-100 words). I think you easily understood what you have to do.

Now is the hard part for me since dpoll only support 1 poll with multiple answer i will have to do multiple poll in the answer. You'll see genius idea.

These are my opinion on the question : Selfvoting a long post (+100 words) is fully okay, depending on what post it is selfvoting a short post is okay if rarely done but i would say it's okay. Selfvoting a thread/comment is an absolute no, excepte some rare situation like if you just had a very long argumentation with someone for over 100 words why not giving a small vote.

Ai image for the thumbernail :

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Is selfvoting a long post (+100 words) okay (52.94%) 9 / 17
52.94% Complete (success)
Yes (29.41%) 5 / 17
29.41% Complete (success)
Is selfvoting a short post (-100 words) okay ? (11.76%) 2 / 17
11.76% Complete (success)
Is selfvoting a comment/thread okay ? (5.88%) 1 / 17
5.88% Complete (success)

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