Is 20% APR for HBD too much ? (vote for what you think should be the new apr)

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Hello, interesting question right ? Hive add an hard time to get new users and set the hbd interest rate to 20% to bring new people but a lot of people now think a huge apr = scam and when hive is presented with 20% apr they think it's bullshit, This mean a lot of hive is issued each month over 330k last month ($115k HBD is worth about 333K HIVE at the current HIVE price of $ time of calculation)

This high apr brought a low amount of new active user on the chain but a bunch of inactive wallets that just hold some HBD to get some more HBD.

HIVE has been in a steady state of decline ever since the witnesses decided to raise the interest on HBD to 20%.

So the question is do we really need to give a scam image to the nocoiners, shouldn't we lower this apr to make it feel more safe for newcomers, and make hive just a bit less inflated.

In my opinion an apr of 5% or 10% would be great, 10% if you want to keep some HBD staker (since the best earning with your HP without delegation is something like 11-13%) staking can be an easy way to keep earning for inactive accounts. 5% is the best opition in my opinion still a better earning that a lot of stking in the defi land, seem way less scammy, would create 1/4 of the current monthly inflation. This solution would maybe make you earn a little less each month but will bring a way higher price of hive in the long term because it won't be inflated and new users will join hive. If the 5% is adotpted by the witnesses the best way to earn on hive will be HivePower, this solution will bring people to powerup a lot and this will bring more votes (you votes if you have HP) = more post rewards, having more post rewards or for more users could help promote as a write2earn place and in the very long term bring hive to wealthlier evolution.

Tell me your thoughs in comment and vote.


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20% (41.67%) 5 / 12
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1-4% (25.0%) 3 / 12
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10% (16.67%) 2 / 12
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0% (8.33%) 1 / 12
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5% (8.33%) 1 / 12
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