What is the best post payout option ?

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What is the best option payout for a post opption ? vote for one of the following 5 answers : Burn rewards 100% liquide (reward.app) decline 100 % powerup 50% hive/50% hbd

In my opinion the 50/50 is the best option (this post is set on 50/50) because it give me some liquide money i can spend or do whatever i want with and some staked hivepower in order to permforme action on the blockchain, RC charge, Better voting rewards, ect. But the 100% powerup can be good too.

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50% hive/50% hbd (75.0%) 9 / 12
75.0% Complete (success)
100 % powerup (25.0%) 3 / 12
25.0% Complete (success)

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