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Do You Trust and Connect to Public Wi-Fi Networks?

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The Internet is not as private as you think.


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Remember that the Internet is a house of cards being secured with duck tape. You will never be 100% safe because the Internet was built to share information with the entire world, not to censor or hide any information or data.

Most Capitalists out there are very vocal against Communism and yet, they use the Internet everyday, without knowing that the Internet was built on the shoulders of Communism.

Is that hard to believe? Then think. The Internet was built to allow humans to share every piece of information among themselves. The idea was that every information shared would be publicly available forever, to everyone using it, in a true Communist way.

"What is mine is yours and what is yours is mine." Or something like that.

Of course, the Capitalists took over the Internet and closed down many doors, but they forget that the Communist Foundation of the World Wide Web is still there, under their Proxies, Firewalls, Passwords and Security Gates.

If you know how to remove the duct tape, the house of cards will crumble down.

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No. I never use them. (56.25%) 9 / 16
56.25% Complete (success)
A bit. I connect to Public Wi-Fi but I always use a VPN. (25.0%) 4 / 16
25.0% Complete (success)
Yes, I trust. I connect to Public Wi-Fi and I don't use a VPN. (18.75%) 3 / 16
18.75% Complete (success)

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