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What Game System Do You Prefer?

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Gaming has come a long way since its birth. Many different consoles have been released. So today I would like to ask the question, "What Game System Do You Prefer"?

Do you like the oldies such as Atari or NES or are do you prefer the modern systems like XBOX and Play Staytion? Maybe you like gaming on such games as Steemmonsters on your computer.

Whatever you choice I want to hear them. Pick your console of choice below. If you pick other let us know what it was in the comment section below.

#battle #spt #marlians #steemleo #bilpcoin #games #gamer #retro

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Play Station (28.0%) 7 / 25
28.0% Complete (success)
Other (20.0%) 5 / 25
20.0% Complete (success)
XBOX (16.0%) 4 / 25
16.0% Complete (success)
NES (8.0%) 2 / 25
8.0% Complete (success)
Sega Genesis (8.0%) 2 / 25
8.0% Complete (success)
64 (8.0%) 2 / 25
8.0% Complete (success)
SNES (4.0%) 1 / 25
4.0% Complete (success)
Atari (4.0%) 1 / 25
4.0% Complete (success)
Dream Cast (4.0%) 1 / 25
4.0% Complete (success)

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