Let us make America Great or is it?

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Trump at time of election said, "Let us make America great again! ". He had gained a lot of popularity worldwide. He has brought in a lot of changes in monetary policies and US stance on the global stage. After the recent trade war with China and many other radical policies of Trump, most countries are not liking the way Trump is administrating. Some economists say that these policies are hurting US more than any other country and some vice versa. images (12).jpeg What do you think about Trump. Do you think he is really reforming US for the better or is he in power to sink with other countries? Do you like Trump? If so why?

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I don't like Trump much (50.0%) 4 / 8
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I hate Trump (25.0%) 2 / 8
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I am fine with Trump (12.5%) 1 / 8
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Who is Trump? (12.5%) 1 / 8
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