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Did you ever use remind-me bot?

Asked by niel96 Promote - View in Steemit - Audit

Did you know that there is a bot that you can use to set reminders via comments?

This is how it works:

> @remind-me in two months > @remind-me on 1 April 2019 > @remind-me tomorrow > @remind-me on Wednesday at 18:50 > @remind-me in 30 minutes

Just write this in the comment of the post you want to follow, then the bot will notify you on the date you specified.

I think this is a undervalued bot because i have not seen many people use it. While it's pretty handy, i use it sometimes. Probably because almost nobody knows about it.

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No i didn't know about this bot (53.33%) 8 / 15
53.33% Complete (success)
Yes i use it sometimes (46.67%) 7 / 15
46.67% Complete (success)

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