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How should posts get ranked on Steemit?

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I think the system to rank posts on Steemit is very primitive and absolutely not fraud proof. Why don't they improve this? The most important metric right now to rank posts is based on how much upvotes a post gets. We all know by now that getting much upvotes doesn't mean a post is high quality, because you can just buy them.

This is also the reason why instagram is so spammy nowadays. They are a bot friendly platform and posts get ranked based on comments and likes. So it's very easy to abuse a system like that with bots. Even a 10 year old child could do it.

While youtube has this figured out a lot better imo. The most important metric where youtube video's are ranked on nowadays is watch time. Because they figured out that if people watch a video till the end, then it must be really interesting. They used to rank video's on how much likes and comments you received, but it's very easy to just buy likes and comments.

Would it not make sense to include other things into rankings than just upvotes? For example if you have a post with 100 sbd in upvotes and zero comments and resteems with no content and just a referral link. And you have another post with 100 sbd upvotes, 500 words original article, 15 comments and 3 resteems than it's probably more popular than the first post.

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