Have you got Untamed pack at Splinterlands finale?

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Peace Dear friends,

My daily quest in Splinterlands has been eventful. The gold and diamond league were the position of our troops in the arena. I have completed most of my daily quest as well as multiple brawls and tournaments. Rewards during this season were very attractive for my ranking positions. I have received more than three packs of Untamed cards.

How was you season finale ? Did you unveil some Untamed pack of cards?



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Warm regards

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I have not got any pack. (50.0%) 3 / 6
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I did not take part on this Splinterlands season. (33.33%) 2 / 6
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I will check as soon as I have the time. I do not think I will got any packs. (16.67%) 1 / 6
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