TypeEarn is a fun project launch with TPC, Did you know about it?

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Peace Steemians,

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The project recently launched as typing tool to help the writers on steemit increase theirs typing skill and speed, we discovered TypeEarn project.

According to the TypeEarn guide the project can be described as follow:

> Typeearn is built on the Steem blockchain for people to have fun, improve their typing speed/skill, as well as earn.

We must consider that the improvement of typing skill we are talking about is not related to old form of a man typing on a retro typewriter.

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It is all about your computer keyboards writing skills that can seriously make your gain more time especially when you have a long test to write. The new steemians or anyone interested on this platform can access the practice tool on the website typeearn by logging with a steem account or request to have one.

Typeearn is not only about practicing on typing speed by also a challenge towards earning some TPC token as your skill become better. The token based on the project is issued on steem-engine and can be given to friend, earn, exchange on steem-engine.

> You can maximize your reward by holding TPC (Typecoin) in your steem-engine wallet. The amount of typecoin you have is divided with certain metrics which result in your Type-power. And the amount of Type-power you have will determine the amount of typecoin you will mine while typing. The mining metrics are explained below. Word typed x WPM + Type power/1000(Standard value)

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There are airdrop coming for the members registered on the site hold some TPC tokens. I would like to ask you if you are interesting in this project and many features coming soon to join the platform and get some TPC.

You are free after your participation on this poll to drop some screenshot of your progress on the typing score.


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We thank you for your participation and invite you to put in comment section whatever the want to share about TypeEarn project. Warm regards

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