Will you change your eating frequency the natural way to better your body health ?

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Peace Steemians,

I have been practicing the wonderful way of eating to live and the reward is behong imagination.



Can you try it ?

The principle of eating one meal a day is not a common behavior in our daily habits. If you think about it you may think it is too hard to adopt this feeding habits. However it will provide so much benefits to your health if you gradually switch from your three times eating a day to one meal in 24 hours.

Would like to eat to live ? surely I will. The question is about the change that I agree to apply in my life to better my health.

We will try to have a larger opinion about these approaches of solutions that cut the body off the dependency of fast food eating habit.

Thanks for stopping by this post.


Feel free to put in comment section whatever you want to share about our topics. Warm regards

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