Crypto Quiz : what is YOUR crypto mood ? πŸ€”

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Crypto Quiz : What is YOUR 🫡 crypto mood ?

Warm evening to you HIVE Community ! πŸ€—

Crypto Quiz Introduction

So I don't know what is the global mood, even if I have some thoughts, this quiz aims to clarify the global mood.

Personally I feel really bored since now few months ... There isn't anymore Action since the last crash which happened around mid-May ... Only some silly pumps and dumps here and there.

Hopefully my two best preferred cryptocurrencies (i.e: HIVE and DOGE) are well performing comparing to the others ones .... Yes, they crashed on mid-May, but they are very stable since that date which is quite a good result in my opinion.

Also, I see some optimistic move on prices specifically for ETH and MATIC but I don't think they are really significative ... All crypto currencies are waiting to follow the BTC move ...

When I check the news ... I don't see any major announcement coming or any exciting news ... Exchanges are still fighting to survive and are facing big threats ... Governements are strenghtening their laws around crypto currencies ... Big scams are finally falling but lots of new ones are already performing ...

So what is YOUR crypto mood ? What do you plan for the coming few months ?

Please πŸ™πŸ» give YOUR 🫡 point of view ! or leave a comment below with your best cryptocurrency

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I'm just bullish, I'm accumulating my prefered cryptocurrencies ☺️ (38.46%) 5 / 13
38.46% Complete (success)
I'm very bullish, I'm accumulating every crypto coins I can find here and there 🌼 (15.38%) 2 / 13
15.38% Complete (success)
I'm a bit anesthetized by last crash, give me more time to make my plan 😴 (15.38%) 2 / 13
15.38% Complete (success)
I think a great threat is coming and I'm prepared for the worse scenario πŸ™πŸ» (15.38%) 2 / 13
15.38% Complete (success)
I'm totaly scared and right now I'm selling all my bags 😱 (7.69%) 1 / 13
7.69% Complete (success)
I think we are going to spike very soon HODL for life ✊ (7.69%) 1 / 13
7.69% Complete (success)

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