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Futurists mainly consider:

1) Society with a digital economy - the transformation of the economy and the change of interaction between people and organizations. This can include automation, smart supplemental income, blockchain-technology and other innovations 2) An ecologically oriented society is a model in which humanity should treat nature and the environment with respect and responsibility. In this society, energy, production and consumption are based on the principles of sustainable development and environmental cleanliness 3) Society with no carbon emissions - a model in which humanity stops leaving its carbon footprint and moves to the use of renewable energy sources and other technological systems in the traditions of existing bureaucracies 4) Smart Cities - A model in which cities adapt to technological changes and use smart technologies such as the Internet of Things to improve transportation, housing and energy efficiency, and improve the lives of pets 5) Postapocalypse - nuclear winter, pandemic, global warming, meteorite, communism...

> and even further, mutants, immortals, space rangers, hyperlight telepaths, robotowners are waiting for us

Of all the fantasized ones, I single out only resource-oriented economy and transhumanism as work directions.

Chess kingdoms are 1 of the models of self-organization based on the principles of concoincoitism, when it’s not just 1 dick who decides, not a group of the chosen ones, and not a communist post-apocalyptic system of equal stumps. From each - according to reason, each clan - a palace, an island, an asteroid, etc. But! any community is cyclically divided into minimal (2-3) competing wings, the balance between which ensures the drakoniad. There is no bureaucracy as a class, there is no pyramid of power, decisions are made at a given, at least instantaneous speed. Each half-kingdom lives according to its own laws, observing the basic principles: rationality, kondovboїbism, impunity, inequality, variability, genuine, usefulness... & huyloprotection

Supersede: (you can vote for the most interesting one for you, and I will expand it)

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morality || legalize (17.86%) 5 / 28
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taxes || reimbursement (14.29%) 4 / 28
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emigration || tolerance visas (10.71%) 3 / 28
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apartments || palaces (10.71%) 3 / 28
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parliament || open tribune (10.71%) 3 / 28
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president || king+queen (10.71%) 3 / 28
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party || tribes (7.14%) 2 / 28
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funerals || freezing (7.14%) 2 / 28
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advertising || fines for zombification (7.14%) 2 / 28
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what would you like to change? (3.57%) 1 / 28
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