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Currently, there are several alternatives to democracy as a socio-political system, including:

1) Anarchy: This is a political system in which there is no centralized authority of any kind. Decisions are made on the basis of agreement and consensus among the participants of public life. In anarchy, there are no state institutions, laws and regulations.

2) Ancap: is a political theory that combines the principles of anarchy and capitalism. It assumes the complete absence of the state and other centralized institutions in society, as well as complete market freedom.

3) Open democracy: is an approach to governance in which everyone participates in the decision-making process, not just voters, an elected parliament, or the government. Feedback democracy is an approach to management in which process participants have the opportunity not only to express their opinion, but also to receive feedback from management structures regarding the results of decisions made.

4) Cyberdemocracy: This is a theory that uses technology and internet platforms to enable public participation in decision-making and voting.

5) Libertarianism: This is a theory that assumes maximum freedom for people and minimal government intervention in their lives.

6) Meritocracy: governance of the country is given to individuals with the most experience and ability.

7) Direct Democracy: Where citizens have direct access to decision-making through online platforms that allow citizens to vote and make suggestions on various issues. This increases the legitimacy of the decisions made.

8) Syndicalism: This is a political system in which power is in the hands of trade unions and labor groups. Decisions are made based on consensus among these groups.

9) Sociocracy is a management system in which social aspects are crucial. Sociocracy involves the creation of groups in which each member has an equal opportunity to express their opinion and influence decision-making.

10) Technocracy: This is a political system in which power is in the hands of experts who have a high level of qualification and competence in their field. In this system, decisions are made on the basis of scientific data and expert opinions.

11) Symbolic Monarchy: This is a political system in which tradition rests in the hands of a monarch who inherits secular rituals from his ancestors. In many countries, power actually belongs to the parliament, and the resulting balance gives the effect of prosperity

12) Chess kingdoms: are 1 of the models that can be effectively used since the advent of social blockchain and voting on decentralized technology. This is an option to immediately stop the disease of authoritarianism, which, together with bureaucracy, is devouring half of civilization, and to teleport from a state of general retardation to the technologies of the future.

13) Pluralism: It is a political system in which there are many political parties and groups that have different views and opinions. Decisions are made based on voting and each group has an opportunity to influence. The system promotes the creation of political consensus through negotiations and compromises.

And as long as there is the possibility of the supreme command being insane, religious or just plain stupid - almost anything can be used for extermination

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