Drive horses and elephants (ward №8!/8, part ІІІ), or Bugquietly (30)

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For a peaceful world, the dismantling of huylocracy is needed, and in order not to mount the traditional gorgeous of shit and sticks, a new consensus must first be applied, the circulation of modern money, and generally global bureaucratic mechanism must be replaced. (to Carnivale) To change the world order, among other things, you need a clear chess website, a hundred players with a rating of at least 1500+ in Fischer chess, and so that a dozen of them already know how to program in order to teach the rest of them modern compilation methods.

The most gambling game we have is baghouse, but we need one that unites people, and does not play on delusions of grandeur and nerves. Therefore, I would like to try to make my own revolutionary eco-system on the ready-made, and here is the most suitable.

I would moderate the ward №8!/8, distribute tokens to the accomplices, until the aftomatic does this.

And there, you see, the right dApp will appear, and cash flows will flow not only from printing presses through bureaucracy to obedient morons, but from UBI through demonstrating the work of the brain to those who are not wooden as rubles.

What is needed from those who are able to cut into the text? At least kamenty, so that I can see that in this militant desert someone wants something.

This was the 100500th post about the same thing while contemplating inert masses, sacrifices and other harmony.

Or can you just dance?

and then, until it falls into hibernation, get the keys and vote, the b(l)ogchain sees everything

and Inhibition is written in the book of life with black stripes

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№24) a huge button "urgently change partner" (until the end of the tournament) (40.0%) 4 / 10
40.0% Complete (success)
30) how do you walk this horse? (20.0%) 2 / 10
20.0% Complete (success)
№21) partnership dynamic range, excluding incompatible pairs (10.0%) 1 / 10
10.0% Complete (success)
№25) displaying ideological flags instead of state flags (white-red-white, white-blue-white ... in each country there are at least 2) (10.0%) 1 / 10
10.0% Complete (success)
№26) the ability to ban by flag (10.0%) 1 / 10
10.0% Complete (success)
№27) reusable 0-0-0 through a square beaten by a check (10.0%) 1 / 10
10.0% Complete (success)

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