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> because I love strumming the guitar and drinking tea while playing chess

Season 3 "Autumn": 11 Sep to 20 Nov 2020

Round 6 of the Hive Blitz Chess Tournament, EveryFriday 19 GMT
    • organizer StayOutofTheRedZone
min extra sec game type
1 min 0 sec 1/960 (antique classical)
3 min 3 sec 960
5 min 5 sec bughouse (one fine day)
8 min 8 sec crazyhouse (one fine day)
10 min 10 sec 🙾кнопка для тех, кто не умеет ходить конём
swiss arena button for those who cannot move a knight
data start duration control option title club type link will be on Thursday
13/10/2020 19-00 GMT 1h m+s blitz/rapid Round 6 of the Hive Blitz Chess Tournament The Chess Community arena/swiss

  • notifications about fairy&rapid tournaments will be in the comments

are invited to vote:

dr@k0nb @iobates @alberto0607 @foxconnmars
@evgsk @parung76 @ambarvegas @franciscomarval
@eniolw @rodrook @maciejficek @heimindanger
@jaki01 @sammy00 @rafaelaquino @schamangerbert
@yazp @uliseshb @zacherybinx @stayoutoftherz

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button for those who cannot move a knight (66.67%) 2 / 3
66.67% Complete (success)
3 sec (33.33%) 1 / 3
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