what should I write to you about škingdoms? (10)

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probably about 5 shock five-year plans (5²), I wrote options for rationalizing all the garbage, but you are still in place. Right now, the heavy war has made slight adjustments, and you can update the collection of recipes from the not-terrible stupidity that plagues mankind bitten by the communists. The main special term was stolen from me, incl. all sorts of rushes, even someone dashed off a book, because the only one of the updated principles - kondovboїbizm - becomes the main one, and I'll tell you about škingdoms - a cool version of the implementation of what is written about the transformation of monkey enclosures into parallel civilizations. But since "one simple reason" almost never happens in nature, 2nd - I did not find the first hundred able to understand and I am ready to use TV-believers of all colors. Smart and beautiful people have been slowing down for five years already, but it’s important for me to tear the hell out of all the huylocracy that can be done in a season. That is, from 2018 on the Kremlin, Huylo. Lukashesku, Pukhl Khuyl Yn & K°, we would have already filmed comedies and prepared for the transition to large-scale technologies and other immortality

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