Have you signed up for SNAX, do you think it's any good?

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I have just signed up for SNAX

You get 50 SNAX just for signing up, and the best thing is you earn snax just buy posting as you normally would. Their website says it allows users to send tips using just their steem name, plus the receiver does not even need to have an account. If you have received a tip, you can still sign up and collect the SNAX later.

Do you use SNAX, If so what can/ do you spend them on?

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To be honest this is just my authentication post to a create free SNAX account. Steem pagebreak.png I want to link my Steem account with my account on Snax blockchain using https://snax.one Please, create Snax account for me! My authentication hash: cd715da1d35887cda1b56bc3ddbcfd79e21277b3ebe68db7f74908962bf5854a Steem pagebreak.png

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