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DUNGEONS & DRAGONS & DUMMIES: ep. 02 - The Burning Tower

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> Last Week, You Voted For: *INSPECT THE TOWER*



Dungeons & Dragons & Dummies ep. 02 - The Burning Tower
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Sorry for the short this week, life is crazy right now. This story is completely free-form and almost improv-like in nature. Due to this, there may be some weeks where not a lot of exciting stuff happens in the panels. I promise I'll do my best to not have to many of those types of weeks happen back-to-back though! :^)


> Dungeons & Dragons *& Dummies* is a weekly webcomic where YOU determine the story. Vote on the poll below and have a say in how the story unfolds. It's a collaborative choose-your-own-adventure game mixed with a fantasy-themed semi-animated comic!


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