DUNGEONS & DRAGONS & DUMMIES: ep. 03 - What's In The Box?!?!

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> Last Week, You Voted For: *OPEN CRATES*



Dungeons & Dragons & Dummies ep. 03 - What's In The Box?!?!
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Hi! Long time no see :^)

I'm so excited to get back into updating this campaign with all of you! New posting time will be around Friday night - Saturday morning. I'm still tweaking the exact time, a few hours this way a few hours that'a way, in an effort to find the best time that lines up with both my schedule and the majority of the players.

Regardless, you should always get an update before 12pm EST on Saturdays. That way, you can always rely on having the weekend to pop in, check out the latest update, and vote to advance the story!

Thanks for sticking with me through the hiatus! [ although, to be fair, I'm typing this out before knowing whether or not anyone will vote on this... 乁(ツ)ㄏ ]

By the way: Opening the crates added the items inside to your inventory. So Deathshand Stormbringer is now carrying around *1 mysterious wand, 10 gold coins, 1 fresh tomato, and a rather long length of rope!*


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