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DUNGEONS & DRAGONS & DUMMIES: ep. 04 - A Table Of Liquids

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> Dungeons & Dragons *& Dummies* is a weekly webcomic where YOU determine the story. Vote on the poll below and have a say in how the story unfolds. It's a collaborative choose-your-own-adventure game mixed with a fantasy-themed semi-animated comic!


> Last Week, You Voted For: *INSPECT TABLE*



Dungeons & Dragons & Dummies ep. 04 - A Table Of Liquids
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CHARACTER: Deathshand Stormbringer CLASS: Wizard ALIGNMENT: Chaotic
wizards_wand.gif Mysterious Wand money_sack.gif 10 Gold Coins tomato.gif 1 Tomato
rope.gif Rope
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Wassssuuuupppp! Hey, adventurers! I hope you like the new layout this week. I shifted some things around, and added a new fancy "inventory table" which will stay updated with what the character currently has on them. These items will get added into the available choices from time to time.

Also, if you wanna drink 2 out of 3 liquids, feel free to use the multiple choice option to select the ones you'd want. I'll consider votes a "tie" if they come within 2 votes of each other. So it doesn't have to be an exact tie.

Hope you enjoy!


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DRINK BLACK LIQUID (26.67%) 4 / 15
26.67% Complete (success)
DRINK BLUE LIQUID (20.0%) 3 / 15
20.0% Complete (success)
CHUG ALL THE LIQUIDS! (20.0%) 3 / 15
20.0% Complete (success)
LEAVE TABLE (20.0%) 3 / 15
20.0% Complete (success)
DRINK RED LIQUID (13.33%) 2 / 15
13.33% Complete (success)

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