Is thirst an extincting feeling from an evolutionary point of view?

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I personally don't know any feeling of thirst. The only reason I haven't died of dehydration is because I remember to drink very often. Especially on hot days, I consciously adjust my drinking behavior to my sweat loss. Throughout my life I have met many people who have told me about having the same "problem". However, many others I know know the feeling of thirst very well. Such as my wife. She tells me on hot days very often how thirsty she is. She also told me once that there is a romantic feeling with water which is coming with the thirst. Whenever she is thirsty, she imagines a pool full of mineral water in which she swims and drinks the entire content.

Many modern world people may not need to feel thirsty. Drinks are there always and everywhere available. So it is well possible, that thirst is no longer necessary from an evolutionary point of view.

Do you know the feeling of being thirsty? (Please vote) Do you think, thirst may be evolutionary an extincting feeling? (Please leave a comment)

Best regards QuantumG

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