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Did you ever get in touch with a person who have few days left to live?

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I have seen people's death very closely. One of my uncle had 'liver cancer'. He suffered for years and dye in front of us. We had nothing to do as no medicine and treatment could help him. I was teen aged then, and I can remember how hard it was for all of us to get out from the mourn.

Observing someone's death closely can give you a life time lesson. You will get to understand the meaning of life in a different if you see how people behave and react when they get to know they have few days to live.

My another paternal uncle got blood cancer recently. And we are seeing how he is trying to survive and counting his days. You can not know how hard it is to see someone counting his days in front of you. He acts like a baby, became down to the earth and very humble suddenly. All this things giving me a new lesson. I think you will get more mature if you got the experience to see someone in this condition.

My question is did you have any experience to get in touch with someone like this who is counting his days? Did you get the hurtful experience ever?

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