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Are you moving to HIVE, Staying On Steem or Do you plan on using Both?

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I will intentionally say very little in this topic but for those who might not know what HIVE is I will give a very brief and likely not completely accurate description of it:

HIVE is a new blockchain or as some like to call it a "sister blockchain" of Steem. Many of Steem(it) current/past witnesses and community decided they didn't like the direction STEEM(it) was going so they decided to create a new chain based on the same technology used on the STEEM blockchain.

This new chain / fork of STEEM is called HIVE. Steem users past information (posts and topics) was mirrored and placed on the HIVE chain upon launch but from launch forward the two chains (Steem and HIVE) will run independently from each other. You can log in to both the STEEM and HIVE chains using the same username and keys.

I won't get into why this happened, Instead I would like to pose the (not so) simple question.

Are you moving to HIVE, Staying On Steem or Do you plan on using Both?

(If you are reading this topic I will assume you know what STEEM(it) is)

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BOTH (52.38%) 11 / 21
52.38% Complete (success)
HIVE (47.62%) 10 / 21
47.62% Complete (success)

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