Are You Participating In Chaos Legion Presale?

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On 9/24/2021 the Splinterlands team announced the Presale details for the new set of Splinterland cards that will be known as Chaos Legion. A snippet of the details in that post can be see below. For the full release details visit the post Chaos Legion Set & Presale Info.

Chaos Legion Set Information

> The total number of packs planned to be released for the Chaos Legion set is 15M. This is 10X the number of Untamed edition packs that were released. Each pack will contain 5 cards randomly chosen from the Chaos Legion set with one card guaranteed to be rare or better and the same chances of receiving a rare, epic, legendary, and gold foil card as in all previous editions.

Chaos Legion card packs will cost $4.00 USD each and will also require one voucher per pack purchased. Vouchers will be airdropped to those staking the SPS token in a ratio that is dependent on ones total staked SPS vs. Total SPS staked. Vouchers will be tradable which means they can be sold or purchased on secondary markets such as Hive-Engine. Presale will last for 30 days (scheduled to begin on Monday, October 18th, 2021) and will come with additional benefits such as a title and 10% purchase bonus when using SPS to purchase Chaos Legion Packs. The title will be for those who purchase 1000+ Presale Packs.

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