Bull Run Or Bull Shit?

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For weeks the STEEM price was lingering around 12 -14 cents on any given day but today (1/28/2020) Steem has took an unexpected price leap to 20* cents.

The Steem token is no stranger to bear/bull runs as it has already seen its worth reach around $8 USD per token in 2018. After reaching such highs it crashed to later again rebound to being worth $3.50+ to then crash again.

If today is the start of another run this will be the third time the STEEM coin USD value has fought its way back from the ashes. Steem the community and blockchain on the other had is thriving just as it always has.

USD worth per token isn't the only way to measure success and regardless of if this sudden price rise is the start of another bull run or not the STEEM blockchain has allot to offer.

To name a few of those things, Steem-Engine has recently introduced NFT's to the STEEM blockchain, Splinterlands is constantly reaching out and creating partnerships with other chains which introduces new players to the Splinterland game and the Steem Blockchain. But the most important part of the Steem Blockchain is its community. There's a decent size group of die hard Steemians and those people are the reason STEEM will succeed.

Is this price rise the start of a bull run for STEEM?

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