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Everybody wants more Steemit users, but how? Quantity or quality first?

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Some promote Steemit to the masses, others do it among friends and smaller circles. I've done it sucessfully with friends because I pick the ones I feel will fit in the community. Probably it's not the best way to achieve a high number of users in a short period of time but it probably is the best way to assure the content has quality.

  • Some say quantity should come first and then only the users that add value will stay.

  • Others argue that we should grow slowly while trying to achieve a higher quality content from the start (yes, this is only the start).

What's your view?

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Quantity first. Bring the masses. After a while only the best ones and really committed will stay. (50.0%) 8 / 16
50.0% Complete (success)
Quality first. Invite valuable people and grow slower. (37.5%) 6 / 16
37.5% Complete (success)
I don't care. (12.5%) 2 / 16
12.5% Complete (success)

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