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Poll for the Witnesses -- on HF21

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There has been a lot of discussion and debate in the community over the upcoming HF21. I know @cervantes did a poll last month. It was a straightforward YES / NO response. It has become pretty clear to me there is more nuance to this than black & white.

Here is your opportunity witnesses to express that nuance and let's see how the results come out. You've also had another month of discussions and opportunity to hear from the community.

I'm going to tag the top 20 witnesses but all are invited to participate.

@yabapmatt, @curie, @gtg, @blocktrades, @rolandp, @someguy123, @themarkymark, @good-karma, @aggroed, @cervantes, @therealwolf, @ocd-witness, @thecryptodrive, @timcliff, @anyx, @ausbitbank, @smooth.witness, @followbtcnews, @clayop, @lukestokes.mhth,

The witnesses will know what the acronyms are. For those who don't:

SPS is the Steem Proposal System EIP is the Economic Improvement Proposal

For further details of what is currently being coded into the HF see this post

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SPS & EIP (Linear curve, and Downvote pool, but not 50/50 ) (52.94%) 9 / 17
52.94% Complete (success)
Just SPS as proposed (17.65%) 3 / 17
17.65% Complete (success)
Neither SPS or EIP (17.65%) 3 / 17
17.65% Complete (success)
both SPS & EIP (11.76%) 2 / 17
11.76% Complete (success)

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