LMAC #29 - The Finalists! Vote for your favorite entry and help decide who the winners will be (100 SP to be awarded)!

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📌Please note that in this poll multiple choice selection is allowed for the first time!

Greetings Steemians

Welcome everyone to the final dPoll of Let's make a collage - Round #29!

All artlovers, curators and LMAC supporters, please take the time to browse through the #letsmakeacollage - tag and convince yourself about the art, the fun and the creativity that went into this contest:


All entry posts are still in active payout!!

Please join me in applauding the seven finalists of LMAC #29:

@mister.reatard: The Flood is Coming

@depot69: Games of Fantasy

@muelli: The Oranges of Silves

@tormenta: Restoration

@agmoore: Gunpowder and Cannons at the Castle of Silves

@elcorrecamino: The Well of Desire

@gabrielatravels: Unnamed

Original Image:

Please vote for the submissions you like most! Note that I will close the poll 24h after posting!

❗️❗️ Make sure to cast your votes through dPoll using the link at the end of this post! To mitigate multi account voting, a miniumum REP of 39 and a stake of 100 SP is required to have your vote being considered for the final result!

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@gabrielatravels (20.55%) 15 / 73
20.55% Complete (success)
@muelli (16.44%) 12 / 73
16.44% Complete (success)
@tormenta (15.07%) 11 / 73
15.07% Complete (success)
@elcorrecamino (15.07%) 11 / 73
15.07% Complete (success)
@agmoore (13.7%) 10 / 73
13.7% Complete (success)
@mister.reatard (9.59%) 7 / 73
9.59% Complete (success)
@depot69 (9.59%) 7 / 73
9.59% Complete (success)

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