LMAC #32 - The Finalists! Vote for your favorite entry and help decide who the winners will be (75 HP to be awarded)!

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Welcome everyone to the final dPoll of this year's LMAC Easter Special!

With nineteen entries the number of participants has increased by more than 70% since the last round! Many thanks to all for your exciting contributions to the LMAC:


All entry posts are still in active payout so please consider to upvote and comment to encourage all contributors!

Before I continue with this week's finalist panel I'd like to share some stats of the LMAC community, which went live on Hive just two weeks ago.

As of writing we have 56 subscribers of which 46 are counted as active users. By pending rewards, we are currently ranked 36th among all Communities! I think these are promising numbers and I'd like to thank everyone for contributing their creativity, attention, interactions and votes to the LMACsphere.

For the future I consider to dynamically link the the size of the contest's prize pool to the overall rewards that the community is able to attract. By this every participant would be incentivized to help increasing awareness for our community. What do you think?

And now, please join me in applauding the five finalists of the LMAC, Round #32: (📌please note that in this poll multiple choice voting is allowed!)

@muelli: [Die Welt schien noch in Ordnung...] ](https://peakd.com/hive-174695/@muelli/die-welt-schien-noch-in-ordnung-hive-174695)

@marcybetancourt: Stay at Home - Let's play Easter Egg Hunt

@sweettais: Unnamed

@agmoore: Busy Easter Bunnies

@bidesign: A Present For A Dear Friend

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Please vote for the submissions you like most! 📌Multiple choice selection is allowed! Note that I will close the poll 24h after posting!

❗️❗️ Make sure to cast your votes through dPoll using the link at the end of this post! To mitigate multi account voting, a miniumum REP of 49 and a stake of 250 HP is required to have your vote being considered for the final result!

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@agmoore (32.26%) 10 / 31
32.26% Complete (success)
@bidesign (29.03%) 9 / 31
29.03% Complete (success)
@muelli (12.9%) 4 / 31
12.9% Complete (success)
@marcybetancourt (12.9%) 4 / 31
12.9% Complete (success)
@sweettais (12.9%) 4 / 31
12.9% Complete (success)

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