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LMAC Round 57 - The Final Poll! Vote for your favorite entries and help decide who the winners will be [125 HIVE to be awarded]!

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❗️IMPORTANT RULE CHANGE: In order further reduce the impact of votes cast as a sheer courtesy, from now on at least three finalists must be selected for a valid vote.

Welcome everyone to the final dPoll of Let's Make a Collage - Round 57 !

I'd like to start with applauding our whole community for one of the most impressive rounds of LMAC. The amount of skilled, creative and original contributions made it an almost impossible task for me to come up with this week's finalist panel. I'm also happy to see that we had a nice bump in the participation rate with 48 submitted collages! Under current circumstances, I think this a very encouraging level of vitality and attention that the LMAC is able to mobilize.

Now let's proceed with the final poll! All those who participate will decide on the distribution of 125 HIVE among this week's finalists!

This was made possible by all those fellow LMACians who set the LMAC community (@hive-174695) as a 20% beneficiary in their entry posts during the previous round and thus more than doubled our 50 Hive base prize! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

All proceeds which the LMAC receives as beneficiary are redistributed by 100% and are to ensure that our prize pool is able to grow in tandem with an increasing number of submissions. The community bonus is a key element to foster the organic growth of our community. So please make sure you all continue to set the LMAC (@hive-174695) as 20% beneficiary in your contributions.

If you haven't yet found the time, please visit -> our community page to inspect this week's amazing entries in all detail. All submissions are still in active payout so please consider to upvote and comment to encourage all contributors!

And now, please join me in applauding the finalists of the LMAC, Round 57:

As usual, multiple choice selection is allowed and encouraged. Most importantly, please make sure that you cast your vote via dpoll using the link at the end of this post! Due to the REP and HP requirements (see below) it's not feasible to compile the outcome of the poll otherwise. Furthermore, to have your vote counted, make sure to vote for at least three finalists (see rule update above)!

@mister.reatard: -> Original post

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@marcybetancourt: -> Original post

Template Image -> Original post

Please vote for the submissions you like the most! πŸ“Œ If this includes your own contribution then it's fine to vote for yourself too, in particular since multiple selection is required! Note that the poll will close 24h after its publication!

❗️❗️ Make sure to cast your votes through dPoll using the link at the end of this post! To mitigate multi account voting, a miniumum REP of 49 and a stake of 250 HP is required to have your vote being considered for the final result!

Good luck everyone and till tomorrow!

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@ambarvegas (10.24%) 34 / 332
10.24% Complete (success)
@agmoore (8.43%) 28 / 332
8.43% Complete (success)
@mister.reatard (7.53%) 25 / 332
7.53% Complete (success)
@tormenta (7.53%) 25 / 332
7.53% Complete (success)
@lagatayarit (7.53%) 25 / 332
7.53% Complete (success)
@marcybetancourt (7.53%) 25 / 332
7.53% Complete (success)
@anibal-aa (6.93%) 23 / 332
6.93% Complete (success)
@angeli-b (6.63%) 22 / 332
6.63% Complete (success)
@keylibeth (6.33%) 21 / 332
6.33% Complete (success)
@quantumg (6.02%) 20 / 332
6.02% Complete (success)
@panksero (5.72%) 19 / 332
5.72% Complete (success)
@darruiz (5.42%) 18 / 332
5.42% Complete (success)
@lfulloa (5.12%) 17 / 332
5.12% Complete (success)
@adncabrera (4.82%) 16 / 332
4.82% Complete (success)
@muelli (4.22%) 14 / 332
4.22% Complete (success)

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