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What keeps you from using your daily free downvotes?

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Please use the opportunity to further elaborate on your answers. I'm very interested in your opinion. I will distribute a total of 5 SBD among the most insightful comments on the matter. Thank you!

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It takes too much time for me to find posts where I consider a downvote to be appropriate. (29.51%) 18 / 61
29.51% Complete (success)
Downvotes are fundamentally wrong. (22.95%) 14 / 61
22.95% Complete (success)
Other reasons (please explain) (13.11%) 8 / 61
13.11% Complete (success)
I'm certain it would be the right thing to do, but using them just feels so unpleasant. (11.48%) 7 / 61
11.48% Complete (success)
I would, but I'm afraid of retaliatory downvotes. (11.48%) 7 / 61
11.48% Complete (success)
I find it already difficult enough to allocate my daily quota of upvotes. (6.56%) 4 / 61
6.56% Complete (success)
Disagreeing with too high rewards just isn't mine. (3.28%) 2 / 61
3.28% Complete (success)
Free downvotes? I didn't know there was such a thing. (1.64%) 1 / 61
1.64% Complete (success)

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