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How does this video make you feel?

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It's always good to be surrounded by friends that tell you the truth. The problem comes in when they have not eaten breakfast yet and might be a tad grumpy. You also have an honest tactful friend. They try to steer you in a different direction. Last but not least is the friend that just keeps changing the subject.

I am willing to take a beating on this one for the simple fact that the whole encounter made me laugh. Laugh so much, in fact, I'm asking for your, yes YOUR input on this short video too.

This was to be an entry into the "60 Seconds of Steem" but due to some early reviews, I decided to make a DPoll instead.

Please be honest in your review. It's all I can ask for from you.

Make someone smile today. It can not hurt you and it might save their life.

Love, Snook

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