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Do You Like The Remakes Of Movies ?

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Hey Guys,

Well we all have been a fan of movies and also do own a specific genre of movies that we love to watch. Each month a bunch of movies come upon the theaters and that has been happening from many years because of which a certain dilution in the quality is visible.

But to counter that, filmmakers have taken up a new aspect which is trending these days a lot namely the RE-MAKES !

Well we all feel quite nostalgic when we are up against the movies which we once watched and have faded away with time and when they are brought back with modern colors it rocks !

While some people also do own the thought that they don't have anything to show that's why picking up old stuff polishing it and publishing it.

So I wanna ask you are you in the favour of the REMAKES or you're not so fond of em' ?

Do Lemme Know Below :)


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