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Do You Prefer Wired Headsets or the Wireless ones ?

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Hi GUys,

Every time we are dealing with sound while being upon the electronic gadgets we every day use, we do have to use the headsets.

And nowadays with the removal of the headphone jack a new trend has been observed in the market that is of the increase in sales of the wireless headphones.

SO I would like to ask you guys, what do you prefer to have in your ears ?

The wireless ones or the wired ones ??

Well if you ask me I'd like to have the Wireless ones as they are very convinient and using the wireless ones which are premium and worth the money then you're gonna have a great deal.

Just today I got my Mivi Collar delivered and that's the reason I'm putting up this poll too :) IMG_20191126_144639.jpg

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Wireless Headsets (58.33%) 7 / 12
58.33% Complete (success)
Wired Headsets (41.67%) 5 / 12
41.67% Complete (success)

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