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Which name do you like more for the new Upvoting Account for SteemTerminal?

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In order to help the accounts that are Red Fish, we are joining forces and introducing a new account. This account will be a subscription account enabling us to give those who would like our help with an extra upvote.

We will have specifics in the month of September and should be up and running soon after. However, in the meantime, we need a name. Please take a few moments and vote on the one you think would be the best name for this future account.

Thank you so much for your help and hope to upvote you soon! Staff at @steemterminal & @heyhaveyamet

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Steem-aid (53.19%) 25 / 47
53.19% Complete (success)
Terminal Support (38.3%) 18 / 47
38.3% Complete (success)
Steem Guiders (8.51%) 4 / 47
8.51% Complete (success)

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